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Drug Discovery and BioScreening News

CHIKUNGUNYA VACCINE DEVELOPMENT TOWARDS PHASE III TRIALS BOOSTED BY INNOVATE UK - Vienna, 5th September 2017 – The further development of a promising Chikungunya vaccine candidate by Themis Bioscience is now supported with 3 Mio. GBP by the United Kingdom’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. Themis, the Vienna-based specialist for vaccine development, will use these funds to identify and validate a correlate of protection for its prophylactic Chikungunya […]
EFMC-YMCS 2016 – 3rd EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium September 1-2, 2016 Manchester, UK - The EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium is an initiative of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC). After a succesful first edition organised in Lisbon in September 2014 and a second edition organised in Antwerp in September 2015, the third edition will be organised in connection with the XXIV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry […]
5th International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control on August 15-16, 2016 Toronto, Canada - Join us for the GMP Summit 2016 Conference!!!! The biggest conference gathering of the global pharma manufacturing industry, attracting attendees from around the globe. The program agenda provides a unique forum for pharmaceutical executives from around the world to network and hear world-renowned experts discussing the latest insight into the international Intellectual Property, Business Development, […]
3rd annual Peptides event on July 6-7 2016, in London, UK - In recent years, therapeutic peptides have been developed for the treatment of several diseases such as cancer, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders and gastrointestinal disorders, among others. As a result of their efficacy treating a huge array of conditions, further research has been done to develop a rich pipeline of novel peptides. SMi’s 3rd annual […]
3rd annual Allergies conference on July 6-7, 2016 in Central London, UK - SMi Group is thrilled to present the 3rd annual Allergies conference, taking place on 6th & 7th July 2016 in Central London, UK. Aimed at an audience of senior scientists and allergy specialists involved in immunology and drug research, Allergies 2016 will provide the perfect platform to discuss pioneering clinical developments and the next generation […]
Lyophilisation Europe on July 4-5, 2016 in London, UK - SMi is thrilled to announce the return of its 4th annual conference, Lyophilisation Europe, taking place on 4th and 5th July in London, UK. With the rising risk of contamination and the need for improved formulation methods of biological products, robust capabilities in lyophilisation and freeze drying methods have become critical for process efficiency and […]
3rd Metabolomics – Advances & Applications in Human Disease Conference May 25-26, 2016, Boston, MA - GTCbio is proud to present the 3rd Metabolomics – Advances & Applications in Human Disease Conference, which will be part of The Genomics & Big Data Summit and takes place May 25-26, 2016 in Boston, MA. There is still significant human variability in metabolite identification for targets and pathways. These challenges affect the advancement in […]
CRISPR & Genome Engineering Conference May 26-27, 2016, Boston, MA - On behalf of GTCbio and the 2016 Advisory Board, you are invited to the CRISPR & Genome Engineering Conference which takes place May 26-27, 2016 in Boston, MA. This meeting is part of The Genomics & Big Data Summit and will bring together an exciting balance of industry and academia, so that delegates have the […]
Alzheimer’s 10th May to 11th May 2016, London, United Kingdom - SMi will present their inaugural conference on Alzheimer’s Disease 2016, which is one of the most threatening diseases that accompanies age, yet formidably mysterious in biology. This conference will cover: Pre-clinical assessment criteria for AD diagnosis such as risk profiling, population group assessment and stages of AD progression. How do external stimuli play influence studies […]
Lyophilisation USA 27th April to 28th April 2016, Iselin, USA - SMi Group are thrilled to present the 2nd annual Lyophilization USA conference, returning to Iselin, New Jersey on April 27th & 28th 2016. With an increase in contract services, combination products and innovative drug delivery devices, growing demand for lyophilization equipment and lyophilized biopharmaceuticals has contributed to a projected rise in market growth from US […]
3rd Annual Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast 25th April to 26th April 2016, Iselin, USA - Emulating from the success of its 2015 sell-out show, SMi Group is delighted to announce the return of the 3rd annual conference and exhibition: Pre-Filled Syringes – East Coast, taking place on April 25th – 26th 2016 in Iselin, New Jersey, USA. With the growing demand for biologics and ready-to-administer (RTA) syringes, recent reports have […]
6th BioBanking event June 20-21 2016, Holiday Inn Regents Park, London, UK - The upcoming proposed Data Protection Regulation in EU is the culmination of biobanking operations, and will constitute a new legal framework if and once passed by the European Commission. As such, SMi’s 6th Biobanking Conference will focus on the potential changes and impacts of maintaining a sustainable biobanking infrastructure, harmonisation and interaction between biobanks across […]
Academic Drug Discovery 2016 March 22-23 2016 Cambridge, UK - SELECTBIO is pleased to announce Academic Drug Discovery 2016, which will be held on 22 – 23 March 2016 in Cambridge, UK. The event is part of our Cambridge Workshop Series. Attracting a global audience of researchers, academics, group leaders, directors and the global heads of leading academic and open innovation drug discovery centres, this […]
Stem Cells in Drug Discovery 2016 April 5-6 2016 , Cambridge, UK - In June 2015 we launched Stem Cells in Drug Discovery in Cambridge, United Kingdom to a great response! Featuring presentations from Lorenz Mayr, Joseph Wu and Chris Ward, over 90 people attended, from 9 different countries, including PhD students, Professors, Group Leaders, Directors, Global Heads and VPs of some of the world’s leading stem cell […]
High Content & Phenotypic Screening 2016 on May 10-11 2016, Cambridge, UK - This conference brings together researchers from both academia and industry, and will discuss the development of techniques and tools implemented in High Content technologies and Phenotypic Screening applications. Hot topics to be covered include 3D cell based screening methods, high content screening and data management, the use of model organisms and novel approaches for phenotypic […]
Pain Therapeutics May 23-24 2016, London, UK - Many research studies show, pain is a significant source of suffering for many people and seriously affects their quality of life. Treatment of these patients is a great challenge and requires special approaches. SMi is proud to present the return of 16th Annual Pain Therapeutics to London, UK on 23-24 of May 2016. Through a […]
5th annual ADC Summit London on May 23-24, 2016 - SMi’s 5th annual ADC Summit provides a comprehensive analysis of the various approaches with the next generation ADCs. Hear the latest insights from Takeda on Adcetris; discuss the latest advancements in research and development from Medimmune; and analyse case studies from big pharma companies such as Roche, Bayer, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis and many more. Join […]
10th Annual Clinical Trial Logistics 2016 London on 18th & 19th May 2016 - Registration is now live to attend the 10th annual Clinical Trial Logistics conference taking place in London on 18th & 19th May 2016. The implementation of Annex 15 of the Good Manufacturing Practice in Autumn 2015 provided a huge change in the regulatory landscape of the rapidly growing clinical trial supplies industry, with logistics and […]
Pre-Filled Syringes June 6-7th 2016, San Diego, USA - SMi proudly presents its inaugural event of the premier Pre-Filled Syringes series to San Diego in June 2016! The prefilled syringes (PFS) market is poised to account for exponential growth and account for $6 billion revenue by the end of 2020.* The market has witnessed continual advancements in device design with enhanced safety and usability […]
ADMET June 13-14 2016, London, UK - SMi is proud to announce the return of the 11th annual ADMET conference 2016 in London! ADME and toxicology testing are one of the most important research activities related to new drug discovery. Ensuring a good ADMET study will accelerate approval and therefore commercialization of your drug product – and hence pharmacokinetics remain at the forefront […]


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