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The Advantages of Using Chickens to Produce Polyclonal Antibodies


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News: Natural Products, Natural Compounds

FMC-ASMC’15 – 6th EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry - in combination with the 13th Annual Meeting of the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society Rehovot, Israel – November 15-18, 2015 The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) and ChemBridge Corporation have been organising since 2004 the successful series of the International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry. The first edition […]
10th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry April 12-15 2015, Oegstgeest, Netherlands - In 2009, EFMC launched a series of short courses aimed to favour cultural and scientific growth of the medicinal chemistry community and organized with affordable fees for participation. EFMC will continue the tradition in 2015, and is pleased to announce the following courses: 10th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry Small-Molecule Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions […]
Molecule could treat a wide range of CNS disorders - Scientists at the Cambridge, MA, startup Sage Therapeutics have discovered an innate mechanism that indirectly influences a key receptor linked to a number of neurologic and psychiatric disorders, including Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism and depression. The newly discovered natural allosteric modulator influences the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor, which is known to play a role in regulating synaptic […]
Alga Provides Feasible Mass Production System for Subunit Malaria Vaccine Candidate - An algal system for manufacturing recombinant proteins has provided scientists with the means to generate a malaria-blocking vaccine candidate based on two native unglycosylated Plasmodium falciparum surface proteins, Pfs25 and Pfs28. The University of California, San Diego researchers produced the two P. falciparum proteins in the chloroplasts of the widely used model alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, […]
Toxins found in traditional Chinese medicine - A host of potential toxins, allergens and traces of endangered animals showed up in DNA sequencing tests on 15 Chinese traditional medicines, researchers said on Thursday. Such therapies have been used in China for more than 3,000 years, but have risen in popularity outside Asia in recent decades and now amount to a global industry […]
Screen uncovers hidden ingredients of Chinese medicine - Genetic audit reveals that some traditional remedies contain endangered animals and toxic plants. Chinese herbal medicines contain ingredients derived from endangered animals, toxic plants and livestock, a genetic audit has discovered. Few of these ingredients were listed on the packaging. “There’s absolutely no honesty in the labelling of these products. What they declare is completely […]
World Leaders in Qigong (“Chi-Kung”) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Set to Gather in Toronto to Discuss the Future of Their Industry for the First Time in History - TORONTO, ONTARIO Grandmaster Stanley Ngui of The Academy for Chi-Kung Studies Canada and Dr. Effie Chow of East West Academy of Healing Arts USA are pleased to announce that the 14th World Congress on Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will take place in Toronto at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, May 25th to 28th, 2012. […]
Herbal ‘remedy’ may trigger widespread kidney failure - Kidney stones. Snakebites. Head wounds. To the ancients, a weed called birthwort was a wonder drug that treated them all, and more. By Dan Vergano Medical detectives, however, are finding that the ancient remedy likely has caused centuries of kidney failure and cancer, as well as being the culprit in a widespread syndrome of kidney […]
Southeast Asian TCM brand Eu Yan Sang Speeds up Expansion in China - Eu Yan Sang International, an established traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) brand that started in Southeast Asia, is speeding up its expansion on the Chinese mainland after three years of efforts to get sufficient of its health food and other health products registered, said Richard Eu, chief executive officer of the company. by Xinhua Chen Jipeng […]
A New Herbal Formula has Been Invented to Treat Chronic Prostatitis - State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C (SIPO) has recently published a patent of herbal formula for treating prostatitis. New herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill invented by Chinese herbalist Li Xiaoping proven to be extremely effective against chronic prostatitis. State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C (SIPO) has recently published a patent of herbal […]
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help women with chronic pelvic pain - Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may have a role to play in the treatment of health problems linked to chronic pelvic pain (CPP), say experts from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in a new opinion paper published today. Professor George Lewith, from the Complementary and Integrated Medicine Research Unit, University of Southampton, […]
Natural compounds derived from plants could yield hundreds of new drugs - NYBG scientist says the plant world has “great potential” as a source of new medicines There are probably at least 500 medically useful chemicals awaiting discovery in plant species whose chemical constituents have not yet been evaluated for their potential to cure or treat disease, according to a new analysis by a New York Botanical […]
Ancient Chinese cures translate into modern Western medicines - The Chem-TCM is the most comprehensive database of its kind and translates more than 12,000 chemicals from more than 300 Chinese herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) into Western terminology. “Future researchers will now be able to better understand the chemical basis of remedies that have been in use for thousands of years,” says […]
BioFocus to Offer IMD’s Natural Product Libraries through Drug Discovery Services - BioFocus and InterMed Discovery (IMD) inked a marketing collaboration that will allow BioFocus to offer IMD’s natural product screening libraries through its drug discovery services. IMD will in addition provide follow-on services to BioFocus. “We have been impressed with the scale of IMD’s natural product discovery capabilities, and we believe that when InterMed’s natural product […]
Iona Chemistry Professor Researches Cure For ALZ - New Rochelle, NY – Do curry spice, wine and apple skins hold the answer for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders? The results of a laboratory research project, recently published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, show that a chemical compound derived from these natural products may be used in […]
Pomegranate ‘can combat MRSA and other superbugs’ - Scientists have discovered the power of fruit as a potential new weapon in the fight against MRSA and other hospital superbugs. A team from the University of Kingston, in Surrey, have shown that pomegranate can be used to create an ointment with the power to tackle the drug-resistant infections. In a series of tests conducted […]
Astellas and REGiMMUNE to Collaborate on New Vaccine Technology - TOKYO and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwire – July 22, 2009) – REGiMMUNE Corporation today announced that Astellas Pharma Inc. and REGiMMUNE have entered into a collaboration agreement to jointly research and develop a novel vaccine-platform technology. The partnership will combine Astellas’ broad range of capabilities in screening and developing natural source-derived compounds with REGiMMUNE’s immune liposome […]
Drug Discovery Latin America, February 26-27, 2009 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The inaugural Drug Discovery Latin America conference and exhibition will be held in the colourful city of Rio de Janeiro in the days immediately following the world famous carnival. The purpose of this meeting is to review the status of drug discovery activities in Latin America and to assist its future development. Business and research […]
TimTec and Collaborative Drug Discovery Team Up to Provide Chemically Searchable Natural Products and Derivatives Available to the Scientific Community - TimTec LLC., the international distributor of synthetic organic and natural compounds, and Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD), the community based research information management enterprise, announced today that the CDD web-based software now hosts TimTec’s Natural Product Library and Natural Derivatives Library. The TimTec natural product and derivative compounds are now available as a structure searchable […]
Direct Screening of Natural Products Extracts Using Mass Spectrometry - Present advances in screening and separation technologies reveal extracts bioactivity with great efficiency and accuracy. Recently reported method of Direct Screening of Natural Products Extracts Using Mass Spectrometry does not require any preparation or fractionation work. Several hundred crude extracts can be screened per one day. Direct bioaffinity screening mass spectrometry method followed by the […]

The Advantages of Using Chickens to Produce Polyclonal Antibodies

When it comes to producing polyclonal antibodies, most people opt to use rabbit antibodies. Rabbit antibodies are great for a number of reasons, but there is a producer that far surpasses rabbit antibodies in a variety of ways: chickens. Chicken antibodies are an incredible alternative to rabbit antibodies, and this article will explain why.

Chickens are far removed (somewhere near 100 million years) from mammals, which is incredibly beneficial when it comes to antibody production. Why? Chicken genes have higher titres when compared with the gene products of mammals. Chickens recognize any mammalian gene type as foreign, and thus have quick and powerful immune system responses, much greater than the immune responses of rabbits.

When using chicken antibodies from a quality provider like, double immunostaining is much easier to accomplish. Regardless if youre using mouse or rabbit antibodies, using chicken antibodies with them wont cause cross-reactivity.

One factor thats causing a lot of companies to start using chicken antibodies is that theyre animal friendly. If you use chicken antibodies, you wont have to worry about any sort of PETA protest, as chicken antibodies are purified from eggs, not serum. Serum is obtained from rabbits usually by restraining the rabbits, and then performing a cardiac puncture or ear bleed, which is very inhumane and uncomfortable for the rabbit. This has caused some companies to be boycotted or protested, which can lead to very negative PR. Using chicken antibodies is very humane, as no animals are harmed whatsoever.

In addition to being animal friendly and very humane, chicken antibodies are just plain cheaper than rabbit antibodies. Chicken antibodies have a shelf life of at least five years when stored at 4 degrees Celsius, as opposed to rabbit antibodies that have a shelf life ranging from weeks to months when stored under the same conditions. This means youll be spending a lot less in the long run when you switch to chicken antibodies, and you wont have to worry about them losing any biological activity when theyre frozen.

Since the chicken antibodies come from chicken eggs as opposed to a life animal, the supply is essentially unlimited. The previously mentioned company uses six immune eggs out of a harvest of eighteen to prepare the antibodies, and the rest of the eggs are stored in case anymore antibodies are required. In fact, chicken antibody providers also can often store the hens for you, if additional injections are needed. This means youll almost never run out of the antibodies you need, and you wont jeopardize any work.

Lastly, the stem portion of a chicken antibody doesnt contain any Fc domain, which results in many benefits over rabbit antibodies. This means less false positive tests when it comes to diagnostic applications, and no binding of mammalian Fc receptors.

All in all, chicken antibodies provide numerous benefits that rabbit antibodies dont. If youre still using rabbit antibodies, its definitely time you considered switching to using chicken antibodies.

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