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A customized service for the generation of stable cell lines expressing specific proteins of interest is now available. A two-part process, this service is offered with a selection of tags and takes six weeks to complete. Available cell lines include HEK293 (human embryonic kidney cells), INS-1 (beta pancreatic islet cells), CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells), and 3T3 (primary mouse embryonic fibroblast cells), among many others. The first part of the process involves constructing an integration vector containing the gene of interest and then transfecting it into the appropriate cell line. Tags can be placed at either the N- or C-terminus. Once a stable cell line has been selected, clones are expanded and expression of the protein is verified by Western blotting. Upon completion of the process, five vials of frozen stocks are delivered with at least five million cells per vial, a Western blot demonstrating protein expression, and the cell-cultivation protocol.

Company: Dualsystems Biotech AG

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