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Built on UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®) technology, the Patrol UPLC Laboratory Analyzer is engineered to perform lab- to pilot-scale online and atline reaction monitoring in the process development laboratory. The Patrol UPLC Laboratory Analyzer system provides chemical reaction mapping across the entire time course of the process. With Real-TIME LC™ and LC/MS information, scientists are able to fully characterize reaction kinetics and determine which process produces the desired endpoint. The system features good dilution accuracy, linearity, and range. The technology behind this performance is the instrument’s new Process Sample Manager, which automatically extracts an online sample from a reactor or slipstream, performs sample prep, and sample injection. In addition to online samples, the PSM can also accept and store up to 32 barcode-labeled vials, which can be a combination of different standards, controls, and at-line samples.

Company: Waters

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