Bioscreening Company Directory

Trigona oHG

Trigona oHG Rheingaustrasse 190-196
65203 Wiesbaden Germany

Trigona ist positioned to close the gap between the various small scale synthesis labs and the 0.5 MT industrial custom synthesis laboratories. Our company provides synthesis performance to the chemical industry when challenges like these arise:

  • you need to save in-house synthesis capacity
  • you have got more synthesis projects than expected
  • you have to master tight synthesis deadlines
  • you need kg's but miss appropriate facilities
  • you know what but don't know how

We want our customers to get the highest possible value for their money. Strict cost and time management is reflected in competitive pricing.

Trigona's philosophy is to fullfil the highest expectations in term of partnership:

  • dependable cooperation
  • strict confidentiality
  • quality products and processes
  • reliability and adherence to timelines
  • professional communication
  • short decision pathways
  • high flexibility
  • attentiveness to international health, safety and environment standards

Due to the extensive cooperation with international partners, Trigona has a well developed understanding of the complexity of projects in terms of planning, resource allocation, timing and realization.

Situated in the Kalle-Albet Industrial Park (former Hoechst) in Wiesbaden, Germany, Trigona has an extraordinary well developed infrastructure at its disposal.

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