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Sinova Inc.

Sinova Inc. 3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700
20814 Bethesda
MD United States

Sinova Inc. founded in 2003, is a privately owned company with offices and labs in both the United States and China. Sinova has served over 300 clients to date worldwide in the area of fine chemicals, custom synthesis, full-time equivalents (FTEs), and analytical/bio-analytical chemistry services.

Drawing from a wealth of experience at top tier pharmaceutical companies, our research scientists are highly skilled in synthetic and analytical chemistry. Some of our scientists have been members of the ACS and AAPS for more than 20 years. The talent and expertise of our chemists coupled with our well-equipped facilities guarantees chemistry products that meet and exceed US standards at a competitive cost.

Sinova Inc. offers over 2,000 unique indoles and azaindoles and is the largest suppliers of these classes of compounds in the world. We welcome you to challenge our scientists to make any specific indoles and azaindoles. Please search our catalog for over 4000 unique chemical products.

Sinova Inc. proudly owns a strong team of analytical chemists. All of our products are closely monitored by HPLS, LS-MS, NMR tests to ensure product consistency and transaction integrity at all times. The team serves primarily the pharmaceutical industry with analytical tests, such as DMF fillings at the FDA, including validations of process chemistry, analytical methods, and structural determinations of standards, etc.

Sinova Inc. also provides services of preclinical pharmacokinetic (PK) studies in Shenzhen of China. We have cell lines, Caco-2 model, rodent animals and LC-MS-MS tools, which lay a solid foundation for research services.

Sinova Inc's research division operates out of a brand-new research building with a million square feet of lab area in Shenzhen of China. We have the infrastructure to serve your specific requirements on a customized basis. With state of the art production facilities, supporting a group of outstanding scientists, Sinova has been satisfying our clients' needs since 2003. We welcome you to contact us and visit our facilities.

Sinova Inc. has capacity to provide c-GMP production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in KG scale. Its facility is strategically located in Fairfield, NJ and is designed to efficiently produce high quality products that meet all regulatory requirements. The FDA inspected manufacture site also has a license of producing controlled substances.

The President and staff at Sinova are proud that our products and services are the industry standards for cutting edge research and expanding frontiers in the industry. We are committed to assist our clients to accelerate the process of bringing exciting new health products to market.

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