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Our Discovery Chemistry Team specializes in the preparation of compounds for all stages of the drug discovery process. From lead generation to lead optimization, SCYNEXIS™ Proprietary MEDCHEM-FACTORY™ Technology allows the synthesis of high quality, high-purity compounds in quantities that meet our customers’ needs. Our process can produce libraries of tens to tens of thousands of targeted candidates – depending on your project requirements.

Our exclusive Orphan Reaction™ program, developed in collaboration with Universities worldwide, allows the synthesis of novel and innovative lead generation compounds through the creation of highly diverse libraries designed according to medicinal chemistry principles.

Integration of several expert groups, Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Automation, and Information Technology, has created an enabling technology for discovery chemistry: the High-throughput Purification and Characterization (HTPC) platform. Customers provide the compound libraries, and SCYNEXIS rapidly delivers pure, well-characterized compounds with a variety of analytical data. HEOS®, Hit Explorer Operating System allows customers to view progress, purity, and data.

In our new, high quality Radiochemistry facility, our very experienced team of Radiochemists can provide the following services:

• Custom Radiosynthesis – Carbon-14 / Tritium
• Route Development
• Resynthesis
• Rapid Repurification
• Long Term Storage at +4oC, -15oC or -80oC
• Safe and Fast Shipment Worldwide
• Full QC and Analysis
• Stable Isotope Labeling

Our highly experienced Custom Synthesis and Process Team can resolve your most demanding chemistry challenges. From synthesis to purification, we can develop novel chemistry or implement your prescribed chemistry with state-of-the-art technologies.


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