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PharmaCore 4180 Mendenhall Oaks Parkway
27265 High Point
NC United States
PharmaCore®, Inc. is a leader in fostering the commercial development of small molecule drug discovery and development in pharmaceutical, discovery platform, biotechnology and agrochemical companies. In the contemporary, target rich environment resulting from advances in genomics and proteomics, PharmaCore® products and services are a rapid, economical and proprietary route to lead compounds and New Chemical Entities (NCEs) with a high probability of becoming significant pharmaceutical products. The PharmaCore® offering parallels the drug discovery process and provides significant advantages at each step from lead discovery to lead optimization, chemical synthesis and scale-up of pharmaceutical intermediates as well as chemical process development.

PharmaCore®'s novel, drug-like molecular building blocks have been developed to be chemically unique, providing discovery chemists with new directions to novel compounds. These compounds have an enhanced probability of leading to successful new pharmaceuticals and significant intellectual property for the benefit of PharmaCore® customers. PharmaCore® continues to introduce new molecules, often unavailable elsewhere, that have broad application in medicinal and combinatorial chemistry.

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