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Event: '2nd Annual Pharmacovigilance 2011' Print
  Middle East & Africa
Bio Conferences in Middle East and Africa
Date: Friday, August 19, 2011
Contact Info:
Phone: + 91 44 2377 0517

Conference Info

At the outset, a very cordial and warm invitation is being extended to all who attended the Pharmacovigilance Conference in the year 2010 and its representatives for the Conference to be held in early 2011.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a tough road ahead in the future marketplace. Though pharmaceuticals remain the most cost-effective healthcare intervention, everyone should bring about a significant transformation in their organizations to realize a glorious future.

Pharmacovigilance is a scientific and organized study of this subject to unfold, discover, and to evaluate the methods and means of preventing adverse and harmful effects of drugs. Its primary aim is to make use of medicines available in the market for treatment and also prevention of diseases. Some medicines may not suit or agree with some patients due to their physical health condition.  Any such harmful effect on patients may bring discredit to the medicines and the industry. A good Pharmacovigilance will easily identify the risk factors in the shortest time so that the harmful effects can be avoided or minimized. In 2009, FDA reported more than 1,742 recall in comparison to 426 in 2008 and fast pace of drug recalls seems to be continuing in 2010 totaled 296 from January through June of this year.

According to peer-reviewed published studies, FDA-approved prescription drugs injure 2.2 million and kill approximately 100,000 Americans each year and more realistic estimates put the number of deaths at over 200,000 people annually in the United States alone.

Pharmacovigilance 2011 will discuss the pressing concerns confronted with regard to drug safety, addressing the risks, time line, budget constrains, effectively tackling key challenges, overcoming trial agreement and site contract negotiation hurdles.  The Conference will bring together top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and regulatory representatives under one roof that will address the key issues of the industry.  The entire program will cover the detection, analysis and prevention of adverse drug reactions.  It will be studied with the help of case studies and industry experiences. Hence, 2nd Annual Pharmacovigilance 2011 will provide an important platform for Pharmacovigilance stakeholders from India to discuss and share best practices in expediting Pharmacovigilance development in India.

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming all of you to the virtue insight’s 2nd Annual Pharmacovigilance 2011.  I wish and pray that all our efforts will be beneficial to our industries and to our country at large.

Key Themes Discussed

Exploiting the latest technologies and methodologies on work practices of Pharmacovigilance

Keeping abreast of the changes impacting the drug safety industry to ensure the pharmacovigilance strategies are robust and geared to compliance

Learn to implement best practices in drug safety and surveillance

Recent successful strategies and business models to manufacture new medicine

Global marketing strategies in order to engage with regulatory centers of excellence on pharmacovigilance

Introducing newer medicines with limited real-world safety data

Accelerating new medicine introduction in developing world & overcoming challenges

Recognizing the most effective pharmacovigilance system

Future studies of pharmacovigilance activity levels globally

Discuss and share best practices in expediting PV development in India

Stay ahead of computing and electronic communications in pharmacovigilance

Analyzing the information on current industry projects and trends

Good supply chain management practices for medicine distribution

Improving patient care and safety in relation to use of medicines and all medical and paramedical interventions

Latest developments in pharmacovigilance, drug safety and risk management to ensure safer drugs to market

Be part of a major networking opportunity

Located in Mumbai, India.

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