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Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd.

Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd. Room 84, Hodynski blv.15
125252 Moscow Russia
We are here to rapidly supply you with novel organic compounds for R&D activity in pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry.

Our scale is mgs and gs amounts of unique and novel chemical substances for High-Throughput screening and Building Blocks for Combinatorial chemistry.

Use our convenient eRequest feature to place inquiry/order on-line.
What do you get using Vitas-M Laboratory Purchasing Autopilot?
  • Simple and quick (a few seconds ) search of STK compounds;
  • One click way from entering ID to getting quotation;
  • On-line availability check tool to have immidiate real time answer;
  • Smart search through historical chemical libraries by molecular properties (Mol weight, LogP, H donors, H acceptors, Rotattable bonds, PSA);
  • Create SD file by STK ID;

... and some extras to get more on your investments.

  • Special collection of thoroughly selected compounds for Fragment Based Drug Discovery ((FBDD) - Allium project
  • Special collection of scaffolds for synthesis of mini-libraries - Azalea project
  • Targeted libraries for most popular targets - Lilac project

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