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VDM Biochemicals LLC

5386 Majestic Parkway, Unit-9
44146 Bedford Heights
OH United States

VDM BIOCHEMICALS is a dynamically developing company, which specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of most innovative range of novel chemicals, analytical reagents, and specialty products for life science research. VDM BIOCHEMICALS serves pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic and research institutions, hospitals, and government laboratories.

Mission Statement

We see our mission as not only that of toll and custom manufacturer, but as a trade supplier where we can reach the end-user market with high quality innovative technologies, services and products based on our research and development programs that we consider to be proprietary. Innovation and a strong chemistry foundation enable us to develop leading market positions and create long-lasting value for our customers. We will continue to pioneer complex and emerging technologies that will enable us to offer the value-adding products of the future.

Our Expertise

Areas of interest at VDM BIOCHEMICALS include Drug Discovery, Cancer Research, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Virology. The company’s life science products are predominantly focused on all areas of Cancer Research, Apoptosis, Antivirals, Antibiotics, Enzyme Inhibitors, as well as Intermediates and Fine Chemicals. Additionally, we grow our portfolio each year by introducing a range of new products aimed at best serving our customers’ needs.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of Ph.D. scientists with many years of post-doctoral experience in chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry. The team is lead by a group of senior managers, with extensive experience in academia, biotech and large pharmaceutical organizations. The team at VDM BIOCHEMICALS prides itself on being innovative and creative with a direct, honest and results-oriented approach.

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