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Trans World Chemicals, Inc.

14674 Southlawn Lane
20850 Rockville
MD United States

Trans World Chemicals, Inc. was incorporated in 1974 by a group of PhD chemists who envisioned a company that would supply researchers with a unique line of chemical products not offered by the large chemical supply houses. Over the years, our customer base has grown to include people engaged in all areas of biomedical, pharmaceutical and agricultural research as well as universities and other chemical companies.

We manufacture over 98% of everything we sell, putting us in an excellent position to offer the lowest price possible. Most of the well-known chemical distributors act as middlemen for our products. This means when you buy from us, you are buying from the source at a fraction of the cost.

We maintain a large inventory with over 95% of our entire catalog in stock and ready to ship. We offer custom synthesis as well as bulk manufacturing. Our catalog is periodically updated with new products and we are often the sole supplier of a particular product you will find when searching any of the available chemical directories.

Our offices and laboratories are located in Rockville, Maryland. We have several distributors throughout Europe and Japan, a list of which can be found on the Contact Us page. Please feel free to call or write to us with your comments, questions or suggestions.

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