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Synthonix Corporation

Synthonix Corporation 2713 Connector Drive
27587 Wake Forest
NC United States
Novel Heterocycles and Potent Synthons
Synthonix was founded to fill a perceived need in the marketplace for molecules for drug discovery. While there are many molecules available in the marketplace, highly functionalized heterocycles have been difficult to find. Most molecules are simple variations of substituted benzene rings. Our aim is to fill the need for highly versatile compounds that enable chemists to synthesize high impact target molecules that are devoid of metabolic liabilities.
Our Focus
Synthonix specializes in the synthesis of building blocks and synthons that allows for chemical diversification for hit-to-lead, fragment based design, focused library synthesis, and lead optimization.
Our powerful molecules are tailored to participate in proven chemical reactions such as Suzuki and Stille coupling, condensations, cycloadditions, and many others.
Our team of scientists have spent many years developing our product range and have extensive experience in the chemistries in which they are used.
Please do not hesitate to call to speak with one of our researchers.
We are here to help you in your efforts.

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