Bioscreening Company Directory

Priaxon AG

Gmunder Str. 37-37a
D-81379 Munchen Germany

Priaxon is an emerging drug discovery company with unique and proprietary drug discovery platform using two orthogonal technologies. Priaxon has a strong focus on small molecule modulators of protein protein interactions. The company can exhibit a successful track record in this field which is highlighted by the partnering of the mdm2/p53 inhibitor program with Boehringer Ingelheim.

Priaxon has a strong network of inhouse and external competence in oncology applications.

Further areas of interest are innovative hybrid antiinfectives against nosocomial infections.

Priaxon's approach to generate value is characterized by a unique drug discovery engine using a prorietary combination of chemoinformatic tools with innovative synthetic chemistries.

Applying the drug discovery engine Priaxon discovers and advances promising compounds to create a robust and sustainable pipeline of high impact small molecules.

  • Focus on well validated but still thrilling targets for unmet medicinal needs
  • Partnering of the discovered compounds at an early stage with global pharmaceutical companies having the capacity and expertise to develop the programs straight towards their clinical trials
  • Extraordinary interest in the future field of the discovery and development of small molecule inhibitors for protein protein interactions, especially in oncology

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