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Novozymes Denmark
Phone: +45 88 24 99 99
Novozymes is the biotech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. Using nature's own technologies, we continuously expand the frontiers of biological solutions to improve industrial performance in all areas.

Environment-friendly products
Novozymes' 600+ products are a key player in the production of thousands of products you use in your everyday life - from the textiles in your clothes to the food you eat.

In more than 40 different industries and 130 countries, our biological solutions improve industrial performance and quality while at the same time saving on water, energy, raw materials and waste.

Solutions for the future
In partnership with customers, technology leaders and other stakeholders, Novozymes' 3,900 employees use nature's diversity and our advanced biotech platform to make these unique qualities available to businesses everywhere.

We imagine a future where our biological solutions create the necessary balance between better business, cleaner environment and better lives. We call it the industrial evolution. Join in!


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