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Metkinen Chemistry

Metkinen Chemistry Liekokatu 2
SF-21620 Kuusisto Finland

Metkinen Chemistry focuses on research and manufacture of reagents for RNA and DNA synthesis. We have expert knowledge of nucleoside chemistry, reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis, phosphoramidites and various solid supports.

Reagents for oligo synthesis product line include (<-singular) Truly Universal solid support, Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent and Trimer (codon) Phosphoramidites. Possible applications encompass combinatorial oligonucletide libraries with trimer (codon) phosphoramidites, oligo synthesis using our Truly Universal solid support and convenient purification of oligonucleotide 5'-phosphates with Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent.

Today the efforts of Metkinen Chemistry are concentrated on our extensive line of purine nucleosides.
Ultra-pure purine nucleoside analogs are used in the development of oligonucleotide therapeutics and in research applications. The new products, namely 3'- Amino-2',3'-dideoxy-A and G nucleosides serve as building blocks for oligonucleotides that are resistant to enzymatic degradation. Another set of new nucleosides - 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-A and G, as well as 2'-deoxy-2'-amino-A and G are popular building clocks for the stabilization of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and aptamers.

Metkinen Chemistry's biotransformation technology addresses the problems of traditional synthetic methods and offers alternative variants of biotransformation.

Our flexibility and expertise allow Metkinen Chemistry to cater to a range of customer needs: from one-off oligonucleotide synthesis in academia to large-scale commercial production. Naturally this is reflected in appropriate discounts applied according to order size.

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