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Key Organics

Key Organics Highfield Road Industrial Estate
PL32 9RA Camelford, Cornwall United Kingdom
This selection of 2564 compounds has a wide range of functionality based on a backbone of novel heterocyclic chemistry. Pricing and pack size is dependent on the complexity of the chemistry involved but generally compounds are available in 0.5, 1, 5, and 10g lots. Please enquire about larger quantities or for the supply of specific millimolar packs.

All our compounds are synthesised in-house using classical organic procedures and are subject to rigorous quality control procedures and have a purity of >95%. They are supplied with an MSDS. Purity is normally checked by 1H NMR but, if this is inconclusive then we would proceed to 13C, elemental analysis and mass spectroscopy, using whichever technique is most suitable for the compound being studied. As all of the chemistry is our own, resynthesis is continually carried out to replenish stocks.

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