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IsoSep AB

IsoSep AB Dalkarrsvagen 11
S-146 36 Tullinge Sweden
IsoSep AB was formed in 1991, as a successor company of BioCarb Chemicals (Lund, Sweden), by Drs Frank Lindh and Elisabet Kallin. The company has its office in Tullinge (Stockholm area), and also has a laboratory in Ultuna (Uppsala area).

In our laboratories we are purifying and derivatizing oligosaccharides and related substances. We also perform contract synthesis for customers in industry and academia and have an edge in carbohydrate and medicinal chemistry. We are working in close collaboration with leading researchers at Swedish Universities.

IsoSep AB is a partner of the CVDImmune Consortium. A specific targeted research project funded by the sixth framework program of the European Commission.

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