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Diverchim 100, rue Louis Blanc
60 765 Montataire Cedex France
The fiercely competitive drug discovery industry continues to face many challenges, including regulatory hurdles, increasing costs of development, translational research and return on investment. These challenges have compelled many companies to look outside their own R&D function for contract partners to support research and development at the earliest stages of the drug discovery process. In less than 10 years, DIVERCHIM has become the first French CRO in chemistry for life science.
Diverchim is built on a comprehensive range of chemistry expertise and integrated technology resources and capabilities to offer a wide range of services from drug discovery up to the product for clinical trials, in the new research facilities.

Our teams conduct pharmaceutical research in collaboration with many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Diverchim has expertise in comprehensive medicinal chemistry and molecular modelling. Convinced that success in Drug Discovery can only be achieved through innovation and creativity in organic chemistry, Diverchim has developed numerous proprietary technologies and specific services in Drug Discovery and these are available to our customers on a contract research basis. Diverchim is committed to carrying out its customer’s confidential contract research on a fee for service basis without downstream royalty payments.
We assure complete confidentiality and technology transfer in the case of exclusive methodology development. The type of projects Diverchim takes on are highly research oriented complex multi step organic syntheses in general.

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