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Bosche Scientific, LLC

100 Jersey Avenue,Box D-12 Building D, 3rd Floor
08901 New Brunswick United States
Bosche Scientific’s catalog features more than 10,000 fine chemicals. Bosche Scientific offers natural products, pharmaceutical intermediates, carbohydrates, chiral building blocks, nucleotides, amino acid, APIs and fluorescent probes to research institutes, analytic laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Our product line focuses on unique, hard-to-find compounds to provide customers with the widest possible selection to better suit their projects.

Bosche Scientific’s products are of high quality, conveniently packaged in various sizes to meet all kinds of requirements. All chemicals listed are subjected to testing by our quality control center for determination of purity.

Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis is also the part of our business. For those compounds which are not commercial available, custom synthesis by Bosche Scientific is your alternative on a timely and cost-effective manner. Bosche Scientific has particular expertise in synthesis of carbohydrates, fluorescent probes, heterocyclic and chiral compounds. Bosche Scientific is committed to the future and supplies the customized compounds at the most competitive cost with guaranteed quality.

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