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BioQuadrant Inc

BioQuadrant Inc 230 Bernard-Belleau, Suite 121
H7V 4A9 Laval
QC Canada
Contact Person: Jo Van Betsbrugge
Phone: 450.686.9440
Fax: 514.313.5673
BioQuadrant's structurally focused plated screening sets combine chemical lattices such as benzimidazoles, quinolines, fused [6,7] ring systems, aryl- and benzylpiperazines, chiral pyrrolidines and tetrahydroisoquinolines with a variety of functional groups. The result is a high value screening set of molecules that provides potential ligands against a wide variety of targets.  Use our libraries to study stem cell differentiation, probe or perturb protein functions, discover novel kinase inhibitors, GPCR ligands etc... Discovery services such as analogue synthesis and custom libraries available also from BioQuadrant.
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