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Arke Organics Srl

Arke Organics Srl Italy
Phone: +39 0587 421645
Arkè Organics is a contract research company focused on synthetic chemistry services to the pharma industry. Arkè Organics offers
early chemistry services (synthetic support to medicinal chemistry)
syntheses for toxicological studies
Pre phase I process development targeted to IND filing

Arkè Organics can provide its customers with a fully qualified set of products and services in the field of organic syntheses, from R&D to process development and custom synthesis on the g/Kg/pilot scale.

Some of our technologies: Asimmetric syntesis and chiral pool technologies, Glycosidations, Reactions from -110 to +180 °C, Halogenations, sulphochlorinations, Friedel Crafts, Oxidations,

Reactions with metal hydrides, organolithium and Grignard reagents, Reactions with alkali metals,

Reactions with phosphorus halides, Atmospheric pressure hydrogenations

Analytical capabilities:UV/VIS, IR, GC, HPLC, NMR, Elemental analysis, Karl Fischer, Polarimetry.

Development and validation of analytical methods through a specialized partner company.

Our constantly growing catalog of products covers the following areas:
glycosidating agents and sugar derivatives
protected or modified amino acids
building blocks for medicinal chemistry


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