Bioscreening Company Directory

ASW MedChem

100 Jersey Avenue, Box C-10
08901 New Brunswick United States

ASW MedChem, Inc., a leading biotech company, specializes in bringing wide range of new novel building blocks to the researchers of drug discovery worldwide.

Currently, we are offering a product catalog over 1,500 rare novel building blocks useful to the medicinal/synthetic chemists who are interested in

  • Chiral & Non-Chiral Piperidines, Piperazines , Pyrrolidines & Azetidine Series

  • Chiral & Non-Chiral Aryl piperidines and Aryl pyrrolidines

  • Multifunctional Spirocyclic Piperidine Analogs

  • Various Specialty Amino Acids, and more.

Moreover, with our access to reliable outsourcing channels, we are ready to provide a wide range of bulk materials, such as pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients to meet your needs.

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