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19-4-411 Novoyasenevsky prospekt
117593 Moscow Russia

Welcome to ARONIS

For over 13 years ARONIS  provides fine organic substance samples for high throughput screening, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnology and QSAR researches.

Currently we have over 23700 substances in our stock (and it is increased by 60-100 compounds weekly); besides, our "virtual" database includes over 200000 organic compounds that may be synthesized on your demand following the elaborated techniques (according to our statistics, more that 80% of the substances ordered from "virtual" database get synthesized successfully). All the substances included into our databases are available in amount of up to 2 g.

Also, we are ready to discuss with you the synthesis of organic compounds, not included into our databases.

Apart from selling the samples of unique organic substances, we offer the synthesis of building blocks for "combinatorial chemistry" in amount of up to 100-200 g. You can find some promising structures in our database of building blocks synthesized to order.

Cooperating with ARONIS,  you deal with chemists responsible for processing your request directly, ensuring the high quality, reliability and fastest fulfillment of your order.

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