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Event: 'Pharmaceutical Research Collaborations Summit' Print
  North America
Bio Conferences in USA, Mexico and Canada
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Contact Info:
Phone: (212) 400-6240

Economic realities are making life difficult for researchers in the pharmaceutical space, reducing staff, squeezing budgets, and creating urgency for results. As a result, people engaged in pharmaceutical research are developing new, efficient ways to pool resources while individually reaping the benefits of collaborative research.

Your colleagues are some of the best minds in Pharmaceutical R&D. Yet, the vast majority of the best minds are still working outside of your company.

Pharmaceutical Research Collaborations Summit brings together leaders in the areas of R&D, Clinical Research, Business Development, and Technology Transfer. You will:

  • Hear and evaluate how different partnership structures have benefited all the stakeholders
  • Learn how pharma companies funnel more money to core research competencies by sharing corollary functions such as IT in pre-competitive cooperative groups
  • Anticipate tensions and problems areas before beginning research projects that integrate organizations with different research procedures and goals, such as universities and big pharmaceutical R&D departments
  • Ensure that you are ready to benefit from outside discoveries before your competition does
  • See how leading pharmaceutical companies identify external technologies that can fill gaps in their pipeline development needs

Collaborations are the future of R&D because they give researchers access to the best minds outside of your company.

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If you have to first convince your boss it’s worth your time and the company’s money to attend this event, you’re not alone. Past conference attendees have helped us create the following justification document that will let you make your case on why this is a must-attend conference for you. Feel free to download and customize the letter below as you see fit, adding immediate problems you’ll be able to solve and long-term initiatives you’ll be able to implement. Chances are good you’ll be able to do those things and more after the conclusion of our 2011 event!

From Pharma and Biotech companies, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents of:

  • Clinical Research
  • Business Development
  • External Relations
  • Licensing
  • Alliance Management
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Drug Discovery
  • Project Management
  • Research Projects
  • R&D
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Clinical Programs
  • Strategy
  • M&A

Location: Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA

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