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FV10-ASW 3.0 software for the FluoView FV1000 range of confocal laser scanning microscopes (cLSM) and Fluoview FV1000MPE (multiphoton excitation) systems is now available. By incorporating high dynamic range imaging (HDRI), a greater dynamic range of fluorescence between the lightest and darkest areas of a sample is obtained. Signal-to-noise ratios are minimized, promoting capture of clear, well-resolved images. Additional functionality, such as partial stitching with multi-area time lapse imaging and channel unmixing for the FluoView FV1000MPE systems, provides more flexibility to help obtain optimal LSM images. HDRI merges multiple images captured under different exposure settings to create final images with good clarity. HDRI allows for visualization of even challenging cellular components.

Company: Olympus

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