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TangShan BeiQi Chemicals Co., Ltd.

NO. 188 ZhanQian Road
063000 TangShan HeBei China
BeiQiChem specializes in the synthesis of small molecule heterocycles and chemical
custom synthesis of compounds that are not commercially available. We fulfill customer
needs by synthesizing complex organic molecules and fine chemical intermediates,
from milligrams to kilograms quantities.

BeiQiChem also provides custom synthesis manufacturing services and research and
development of specialty building blocks to the drug discovery community. BeiQiChem
has professional R&D center, pilot workshop and large-scale production facilities,
capable of performing Amination, Chlorination, Fluorination, Bromination, Nitration,
Grignard, Catalytic reduction etc. BeiQiChem follows the general guidelines of QA/QC
in its production locations. All its processes are closely monitored and controlled. All
BeiQiChem production facilities have the following quality goals: 1) produce high quality
products under controlled conditions; 2) maximize product consistency from lot to lot
and 3) use the chemical processes that minimize waste to the environmnet.
BeiQiChem will always do its best to provide all-round services to our customers and is
looking forward to the opportunity of becoming your most reliable partner!

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