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Santai Labs, Inc.

Santai Labs, Inc. 33 Wood Ave South, Suite 600
08830 Iselin
NJ United States
Santai Labs was incorporated in March 2009, aiming to provide world class preclinical services to our customers and partners to speed up their drug discovery and development effort.

As a service company, Santai Labs is built to meet our client’s expectation and needs:

  • Dedicated and growing team. Our scientific team is comprised of PhDs and MS/BS level scientists and is led by western educated scientists with extensive experience in drug discovery, especially in medicinal chemistry, enabling us to provide seamless communication and scientific excellence to our clients and partners.

  • IP protection and SOPs. We have enforced strict documentation procedure: all employees must sign confidential agreement and all critical data are stored in dedicated computers for specific projects or specific clients. We can provide dedicated lab upon client’s request under certain circumstances. No publication or presentation would be allowed unless with written agreement from the client, and all original lab notebooks can be shipped to the client (FTE) for archive upon request.

  • World class facilities with expandability. We have a brand new building with over 120, 000 square feet space available to equip modern research state-of-the-art facility. Our Phase I construction was completed in April 2009 with modern fume hoods and analytical equipments.

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