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BioBlocks Incorporated 9885 Mesa Rim Road. Suite 101
92121 San Diego United States
BioBlocks applies the best possible medicinal chemistry to reach client’s lead discovery and lead optimization goals. Our customers rely on us to bring an insightful collaborative approach to evaluating their initial hits or optimizing their early leads. BioBlocks’ chemists work with customers to ensure a robust interface with their lead optimization cycles. We are experienced in applying customers’ SAR and biological testing data to rapidly identify analoging and alternative lead strategies.

The diverse medicinal chemistry expertise of our management team spans most major therapeutic areas and numerous disease-relevant targets and mechanisms. Our medicinal chemists have developed multiple pre-clinical drug candidates from early leads in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. This track record enables us to be an effective partner in lead optimization.

Experience has shown us that our fast cycle time and low-throughput parallel optimization will accelerate lead identification, circumvent roadblocks and reduce project risk.

BioBlocks’ Flex-FTE (Full Time Equivalent) model guarantees that our customer has the chemistry capacity available to successfully overcome the fluctuating demands of projects while meeting project goals, budgets and deadlines. We use an inclusive, cost effective pricing model that includes project management, consulting on strategy of lead discovery and optimization, integrated chemical information services, compound purification and analysis, patent support, chemical sourcing and shipping between BioBlocks and the client or between BioBlocks and the client’s CRO. BioBlocks offers highly competitive FTE rates for projects requiring four to six FTEs for six months or longer.

BioBlocks uses secure communications methods and has established procedures to ensure that all confidential information is safeguarded at our San Diego headquarters. We apply standardized master service agreements and work orders routinely with our customers to reduce their administrative burden. In addition, IP related to lead optimization compounds resides with the client.

Our face-to-face or real-time research discussions avoid logistical and organizational issues that a company may face with other chemistry research providers.

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