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Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays (Book with CD-ROM)
This reference book contains a comprehensive selection of the most frequently used assays for reliably detecting pharmacological effects of potential drugs including cardiovascular, analgesic, endocrine, psychotropic, respiratory, renal, and immunomodulatory activities. Each of the over 700 assays comprises a detailed protocol with the purpose and rationale of the method, a critical assessment of the results and their pharmacological and clinical relevance. Identification of specific tests is facilitated by the enclosed CD-ROM which allows for a quick full-text research. An appendix with guidelines and legal regulations for animal experiments in various countries will help to plan experiments properly in accordance with the welfare of the laboratory animals.

Bioassay Techniques for Drug Development
Presents a range of 'bench top' bioassay techniques useful for natural product and pharmaceutical chemists involved in drug discovery and pharmacognosy. Details a number of enzyme-based assays and cell-based functional bioassays. For pharmaceutical researchers.

The Analysis of Controlled Substances
Presenting new developments in sampling and drug profiling, this book also provides practical information on how to carry out analysis, what the results mean and how they can be used as court evidence and for drugs intelligence purposes.

  • Includes case-studies with full data and spectra, helping readers to identify substances
  • Accessibly organized by class of compound
  • Contains an up-to-date list of the newest drugs

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