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Handbook of Drug Screening
This reference includes discussions of current screening techniques, the technologies involved, and high capacity instrumentation for the development of new drugs, chemical compounds, and the targeted delivery of pharmaceuticals. Twenty-one papers address topics like high throughput screening assays, screening platforms, homogenous assays, microbe-based screening systems, receptor screens, functional assay screens, enzyme screens, ion channel targets, drug discovery, bioinformatics, laboratory automation, and miniaturization. Contributors include researchers for companies in the United States, Canada, Germany, and France.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Drug Bioscreening, Drug Evaluation Techniques in Pharmacology
This cook-book approach to drug discovery and development will appeal to a wide range of individuals involved in the search for new drugs with potential clinical application. The evaluation techniques presented, although not all-inclusive, help the uninitiated researcher to identify and establish certain drug entities.

An appendix of frequently used laboratory techniques, such as serial or repeated sampling of blood, is given. The book contains a subject index and a glossary of terms.

This work will assist the organic chemist in establishing the potential usefulness of a newly synthesized chemical substance. It will also be of benefit to the botanist, the pharmacognocist, and the phytochemist, who are constantly probing the depth of nature's resources for potential remedies among plants. Other researchers in allied fields of drug development, such as the pharmacologist and biochemist, will appreciate the scope of this handy guide.

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