Bioscreening News Lyophilisation – Europe on June 29-30 2015, London, United Kingdom

The global market for lyophilisation is projected to be worth $3.26bn in 2015, spurred by the strong growth of new drugs and efforts to increase clinical approval. Lyophilisation is an established method in the formulation of biological products, and an invaluable tool for prolonging shelf life and stability for biological drugs and vaccines.

As under met needs in drug transport and long term storage continues to prevail, robust lyophilisation methods outlined in PAT and QbD principles as well as alternative technologies will continue to experience strong demand.

This conference will focus on the scale- up efforts in the pharmaceutical industry with key topics in:

• Quality by Design
• Vaccines
• Biological drugs
• Spray drying
In addition, a panel discussion on both days will focus on sale up and engineering issues, highlight new areas of innovation and debate whether small scale results in the laboratory provide realistic results in commercial scale up.

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