Bioscreening News FLEXYTE® assays harness the power and potential of fluorescence lifetime technology

Melbourn, UK and Craigavon, Northern Ireland, UK (5th February 2015) – A strategic alliance has been formed for the marketing and sale of a complete fluorescence lifetime (FLT) technology comprising Almac Group’s proprietary FLEXYTE® FLT reagents and assays, and TTP Labtech’s new ameon® microplate reader. Customers can now gain full access to support, and buy equipment and essential reagents all from TTP Labtech, underpinned, behind the scenes, by Almac’s manufacturing and new assay development expertise.

FLT is an attractive alternative to traditional technologies such as FRET, FP and TR-FRET (including HTRF®) offering homogeneous assay formats and easy automation. Now recognised as a cost-effective and flexible screening approach, FLT has the ability to mitigate the most common forms of compound-related assay interference for better quality hits.

Developed utilising experience in peptide and protein engineering and chemical synthesis and design, Almac’s FLEXYTE assays comprise easy to use reagent chemistries and long lifetime fluorophores to deliver an efficient and economical platform for screening and profiling. The evolving assay platform addresses many major therapeutic target classes including kinases, proteases, phosphatases, DUBs and an increasing number of epigenetic targets and protein-protein interactions (PPIs).

TTP Labtech’s ameon FLT reader technology has been optimised for Almac’s FLEXYTE assays through an extensive beta-partner program involving four major pharmaceutical companies. The result is a system providing high speed, precise measurement of FLEXYTE assays that can be readily integrated into HTS workflows.

“We are extremely excited to bring to the market a compelling and comprehensive offering for FLT equipment and assay provision. The partnership between Almac and TTP Labtech unlocks synergy and leverages great strength and depth from both organisations.” said Dr Stephen Barr, President and Managing Director of Almac’s Sciences’ Business Unit.

“Becoming the ‘go-to’ company for FLT sales is an exciting new prospect for TTP Labtech” said Dr Wayne Bowen, Chief Scientific Officer of TTP Labtech. “The FLEXYTE and ameon combination aims to set a new benchmark for productive screening through better discrimination of lead compounds”.

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