Bioscreening News ADMET June 13-14 2016, London, UK

SMi is proud to announce the return of the 11th annual ADMET conference 2016 in London!

ADME and toxicology testing are one of the most important research activities related to new drug discovery. Ensuring a good ADMET study will accelerate approval and therefore commercialization of your drug product – and hence pharmacokinetics remain at the forefront of drug formulation and development
Since the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are utilising innovative technologies, ADME and toxicology screening at early stages of drug discovery and development process has become even more imperative.

Join us at SMi's 11th annual ADMET taking place on the 13th - 14th June 2016 in London. This event will explore novel and emerging
non- clinical ADME approaches, structure based prediction of ADME properties, PK/PD modeling to validate drug targets and toxicity and many more.

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