The upcoming proposed Data Protection Regulation in EU is the culmination of biobanking operations, and will constitute a new legal framework if and once passed by the European Commission. As such, SMi’s 6th Biobanking Conference will focus on the potential changes and impacts of maintaining a sustainable biobanking infrastructure, harmonisation and interaction between biobanks across UK, Europe and the world. Our expert speaker panel comprise of industry experts from the European Commission, MHRA, UK Biobank, MedImmune, Roche, Lundbeck, Roslin Cell Sciences, and other leading European biobanks.

More information on our expert speaker panel and conference agenda will be uploaded on the website soon.

SELECTBIO is pleased to announce Academic Drug Discovery 2016, which will be held on 22 - 23 March 2016 in Cambridge, UK. The event is part of our Cambridge Workshop Series. 

Attracting a global audience of researchers, academics, group leaders, directors and the global heads of leading academic and open innovation drug discovery centres, this event will explore the current challenges and opportunities faced in academic drug discovery. 

In recent years pharmaceutical companies have moved away from conducting early-stage preclinical research in-house and are instead partnering with academic institutions to pursue programmes around emerging targets. This has resulted in significant opportunities for academic-based drug discovery and development centres. 

If you work in drug discovery research you will benefit from the expert knowledge and insights provided by academic and industry leaders who are successfully demonstrating models of collaborative drug discovery.

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In June 2015 we launched Stem Cells in Drug Discovery in Cambridge, United Kingdom to a great response! Featuring presentations from Lorenz Mayr, Joseph Wu and Chris Ward, over 90 people attended, from 9 different countries, including PhD students, Professors, Group Leaders, Directors, Global Heads and VPs of some of the world’s leading stem cell research centres.

We are looking to build the event for 2016 with an additional track, entitled Organ-on-a-Chip Europe, there will be even more talks, attendees and discussions. With human stem cells presenting a more accurate model for pre-clinical testing, this year’s agenda provides in depth insight into how stem cells are revolutionizing in vitro disease models, assay development, toxicology studies and lead generation in drug discovery.

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This conference brings together researchers from both academia and industry, and will discuss the development of techniques and tools implemented in High Content technologies and Phenotypic Screening applications.

Hot topics to be covered include 3D cell based screening methods, high content screening and data management, the use of model organisms and novel approaches for phenotypic screening.

Attending this event will provide you with excellent opportunities for networking with attendees from big pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academia and government, helping you to find solutions and build collaborations.

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Many research studies show, pain is a significant source of suffering for many people and seriously affects their quality of life. Treatment of these patients is a great challenge and requires special approaches.

SMi is proud to present the return of 16th Annual Pain Therapeutics to London, UK on 23-24 of May 2016. Through a series of interactive presentations and panel discussions, the event will introduce the insights from key industry leaders, outlining the current activities, key issues and trends in pain medicine. This event will bring highlights of research and development in the pain relief field as well as new models and innovation of overcoming issues in the niche market.

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