The World AntiMicrobial Resistance Congress USA gathers key stakeholders from government, funding agencies, pharma, academia and payers to discuss the urgent need for new antibiotics. President Obama has outlined his 5-year action plan to fight AMR and is seeking to double the AMR funding to $1.2B, but the bigger challenge is how to deliver these actions.

This 2-day conference presents solutions through key notes, case study presentations, expert opinion and roundtable discussions, and invites key influencers such as BARDA, NIH, FDA, grant agencies, pharma and academia, in the AMR discussion. This is the 2-day exhibition and conference you cannot afford to miss.

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We welcome you to join us at GTCbio’s 2nd Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics Conference on October 5-7, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. This conference gathers the foremost experts to present on leading-edge technology in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics featuring discussions on opportunities and challenges in NGS, bioinformatics, and data management.

Join your peers in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from academicians and industry specialists presenting on the top NGS platforms, novel applications, clinical investigations, health economics, transcriptomics, infectious disease investigations, emerging technologies, ancient and forensic DNA studies, whole genome sequencing, single-cell analysis, and more! In addition, the world’s leading bioinformaticians will drill-down on developments in NGS big data, cloud systems, clinical and cancer genomics data, database integration, the Galaxy Project and pipelines, BaseSpace, and much more!

This conference is part our Drug Discovery Week Europe 2015 and coincides with the Biomarker Summit Europe at the same location.

Drug Discovery Week Europe 2015

Oct. 5, 2015 Tuesday
Oct. 6, 2015 Wednesday
Oct. 7, 2015 Thursday
Oct. 8, 2015
2nd Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics

Biomarker Summit Europe 2015

9th Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development
4th Biomarkers in Diagnostics

The increasing amount of sample and information sharing between biobanks and research facilities has ignited major discussions on how to successfully grow and maintain biobanks. With talks surrounding effective practices required for the management of specimen collections and repositories to ensure preservation of the integrity and future value of specimens, as well as practical implementation issues relating to privacy and confidentiality of research participants, this is a crucial time for the industry.
SMI are proud to present the 5th annual Biobanking Conference, 22nd – 23rd June 2015, London. Through a series of interactive presentations, panel discussions and roundtables, this meeting will feature innovative discussions on relevant and critical issues on how to improve biobanking practices.

With a comprehensive overview of current issues and ongoing considerations in biobanking relevant to both new and seasoned biobank stakeholders, this is a must attend event.

Key topics will include:

• How to improve sample management and utilisation
• Biobank interoperability with EU initiatives focusing on the harmonisation of quality standards and data
• Introducing robust strategies to overcome challenges in terms of storage and governance of samples
• Understanding why quality management is essential for the consistent and optimal operation of a repository

The global market for lyophilisation is projected to be worth $3.26bn in 2015, spurred by the strong growth of new drugs and efforts to increase clinical approval. Lyophilisation is an established method in the formulation of biological products, and an invaluable tool for prolonging shelf life and stability for biological drugs and vaccines.

As under met needs in drug transport and long term storage continues to prevail, robust lyophilisation methods outlined in PAT and QbD principles as well as alternative technologies will continue to experience strong demand.

This conference will focus on the scale- up efforts in the pharmaceutical industry with key topics in:

• Quality by Design
• Vaccines
• Biological drugs
• Spray drying
In addition, a panel discussion on both days will focus on sale up and engineering issues, highlight new areas of innovation and debate whether small scale results in the laboratory provide realistic results in commercial scale up.

Until recently, Medicinal Chemistry has mostly focused on the exploration of biologically active molecules and their optimization towards pharmaceutical applications. There is, however, an increasing need for medicinal chemists to contribute to the drug discovery and development process more broadly, in order to enable the development of truly improved medicines. This includes providing tools for therapeutic target identification and validation, to explore therapeutic and pathological mechanisms, or even support clinical trials.

This symposium, jointly organised by the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT) and the Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology (DMCCB) of the Swiss Chemical Society, will discuss significant advances that are part of the expanding scope of Medicinal Chemistry. A panel of experts will highlight these developments in the areas of chemical biology, metabolite pattern optimization, structural biology, analytics and clinical imaging tracers with specific examples.

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