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The Automation Partnership United Kingdom
Phone: + 302 478 9060
TAP’s suite of sample management & screening systems have been designed to grow and adapt to changing needs. Our systems help to reduce drug discovery timelines, resolve process bottlenecks and are in use at major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Today, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of established systems, together with the expertise to provide pioneering solutions to fully meet more novel customer requirements. There are over 250 TAP systems in intensive use at customer sites around the world. These are all in business-critical applications, producing many leading drugs and supporting the creation of the next generation of pharmaceutical products. In virtually all our application areas we are either the sole or leading provider of these technologies. Our commitment to continuous improvement and leading-edge R&D will ensure the future development of our existing range and the launch of new, innovative systems and technologies to keep pace with our customer requirements and the increasing demands of the life science industry.

Our business has succeeded by working closely with our customers, understanding both their commercial and technical needs at a detailed level, and creating innovative systems in which the engineering, science and customer service are first class. Our application teams are composed of many industry specialists so that all customer project and process issues are clearly understood and analysed from the outset.
Our mission is simple and unchanging: "To supply automated solutions to the life science industries which are unique, technically advanced and commercially valuable".


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