Bioscreening Company Directory


TOSLab Of. X-262, 28 Mira Str., PO Box 12
620002 Ekaterinburg Russia

Welcome to TOSLab, your partner in combinatorial chemistry and reliable supplier of building blocks. Our dedicated team of research professionals provides the experience needed to produce, purify and deliver the most sophisticated organic structures for the needs of combinatorial chemistry.

Taking as a basis the latest achievements of the leading chemists from Urals State Technical University we have been able to create a unique collection of Building Blocks representing different structural classes of compounds that can meet most requirements of any pharmaceutical laboratory working in the field of combinatorial or medicinal chemistry.

We have updated recently our Libraries of Chemical Compounds, it includes now more than 20 thousand compounds with a number of unique structural fragments that are mainly not available from other manufacturers.

Since 1999 service chemistry (custom synthesis) has become an important part of our business.

Four targeted libraries have been created in our Computational Department.

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