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RTS United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 161 777 2000
RTS' automated liquid handling station provides efficient delivery of stored samples to the user. Key features of automated pipetting of stored liquid samples are data integrity, high throughput rapid sample return to storage and reduced operator intervention. Continuous operation is therefore possible and can be combined with efficient and flexible plate formatting. The station is operated with the RTS d-Sprintâ„¢ scheduling software, and a choice of pipetting unit and robot, all integrated into RTS storage systems.

The development of septum sealed microtubes and coaxial pipette tips is key to safe compound storage and high throughput sample retrieval. By enabling sample injection or removal while equalising headspace pressure with an inert gas, sample exposure to the atmosphere is minimised, even after over 80 piercings. The high flexibility and integrity of this technology ensures low equipment maintenance costs with a high recovery of valuable samples.


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