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Phone: 1-860-683-1860
Expect more from your laboratory automation. More flexibility. More walk away time. More data management options. More of your processes running concurrently. More peace of mind.

At Protedyne, we understand the frustration in trying to make your science run on static, piecemeal collections of laboratory equipment. Each of our BioCubeTM Systems is engineered with specific customer-determined protocols in mind. We synchronize every movement of the robot, manage the data, and track every step of a protocol. Whether your field is Functional Genomics, Drug Discovery, Proteomics or Molecular Diagnostics, the flexible BioCube System platform can bring more efficiency, more productivity, and more harmony to your laboratory.

The BioCube System is available in three sizes, differentiated by speed and capacity.

* The BioCube System LX – extremely flexible, reliable, and fast, the LX has the largest deck capacity and highest throughput capabilities.
* The BioCube System SX – same flexibility and reliability as the LX, for projects with lower throughput needs or less demanding protocols.
* The BioCube System EX – functions as a stand-alone system for integrating devices in a self-contained protocol, or as a satellite module to an SX or LX when multiple, third-party devices are required.


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