Bioscreening Company Directory

Organix Inc.

Organix Inc. 240 Salem St.
01801 Woburn
MA United States
Organix is a privately held company founded in 1986 by three experienced synthetic organic chemists. In the 1980s outsourcing of sensitive and confidential drug discovery programs was highly unusual. A distrust for placing sensitive and valuable intellectual property in the hands of an unrelated contract organization pervaded the pharmaceutical industry.  In the ‘80s the exponential growth of Biotech had not yet begun. At that time, the idea of an independent CRO conducting sensitive research for multinational pharmaceutical companies in the US was largely unheard of! However, Organix quickly established contractual relationships with two pharmaceutical multinational corporations and proved that we could deliver outstanding quality in a reliable and highly confidential manner. Both corporations engaged Organix for many years and one remains a client to the present time.  In the ensuing decades, Organix has grown and has attracted clients from all sectors. Our clients’ common need has been the synthesis of small molecules. In 1996 Organix purchased land and established a state-of-the-art facility designed expressly for organic chemistry. These fully equipped facilities have been recognized by large and small pharma as outstanding for housing and conducting modern chemical operations.
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