Bioscreening Company Directory


Omegachem 480, rue Perreault
G6W 7V6 St-Romuald, Quebec Canada
OmegaChem is a privately owned Canadian company, located in the Quebec City Area, in Canada.

We specialize in providing the chemical, and particularly the pharmaceutical industry, with our expertise in sourcing, developing and producing custom made intermediates, building blocks, synthons and chirons, as well as supplying a wide range of fine chemicals. Our activities serve customers located in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our main field of expertise covers the development and production of natural amino acid derivatives, functionalized heterocycles, building blocks, specialty reagents, chiral auxiliaries but also a large number of new fluorinated compounds. In addition to our catalog of products, we develop new compounds for our business partners, as part of contract research and development, custom synthesis or FTE.

Our team of R&D chemists, mostly Ph.Ds, takes pleasure in accepting our customer’s challenges and delivering fast, flexible, customized and innovative solutions and products. Our Process/Manufacturing department offers efficient scale up services and supports our catalogue of chemicals and custom syntheses. Our new facility now helps us to produce from grams to multi-kilogram scales and assist our partners from medicinal chemistry to industrial production. Our efficient Sourcing department is at our customer’s disposal to find fine and rare chemicals through our extensive network.

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