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NextLevel Pharma

NextLevel Pharma Slovakia
Phone: +421 232 662 621
NextLevel is a unique business intelligence provider catering specifically to the information needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We provide the intelligence and business contacts that will enable senior managers to make the optimal strategic and operational decisions.

NextLevel has built strong ties over the years with senior managers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as academia and leading representative industry associations.

Based on our clients' needs, we provide focused conferences, training courses and consultancy services which allow senior managers in the life sciences industry to share the latest information and build longterm strategic partnerships. With unique, cutting edge events and speakers who are the opinion leaders in their fields, NextLevel's events will provide delegates with the knowledge solutions and vital contacts that will assist them in advancing their business. With first-class venues and professional event execution, those who attend a NextLevel event will achieve the information, partnering and networking requirements they desire.

Next Level is committed to assisting the life sciences industry to accelerate more products to market at the highest quality and lowest cost.


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