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Moscow MedChem Labs

Russian Federation
Phone: 7-(95)-778-1037
Moscow MedChemLabs, Ltd. is relatively young (was founded in the end of 2000) but very dynamic company. Our speciality is producing of small-molecules libraries for HTS.
The compounds for our libraries are synthesized in our laboratory from one hand, from the other hand we collaborate with more than 200 chemists form the major scientific centers on the territory of the former USSR. We received compounds for our libraries from different laboratories in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kiev and Tashkent, Rostov-on-Don and Ekaterinburg. Development of methods of synthesis and the search for new promising directions in different areas of organic chemistry, including biochemistry and combinatory chemistry, are conducted under the supervision of leading specialists of academic and branch institutions.
Our current collection contain now about 200000 of syntetic compounds and about 200 natural compounds. You can order CD containing full set of our current libraries here.
Moscow MedChemLabs, Ltd. is a company that offers samples of synthetic and natural compounds, as well as their derivatives for screening programs for companies in the biotechnology industry.
Throughout the time Moscow MedChemLabs, Ltd. has been presented on the market for biotechnological screening, we have established contacts with more than 100 major pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies in Europe, USA, and Japan.


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