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Life Chemicals, Inc.

Life Chemicals, Inc. 2477 Glenwood School Drive, Suite 203
L7R 3R9 Burlington, Ontario Canada
Life Chemicals Inc. (formerly I.F. Lab Ltd.), Burlington, Canada, specializes in state-of the-art organic synthesis for high-throughput screening. Established in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1995, the Company was launched as a private small business to rapidly become one of internationally recognised producers and suppliers of original HTS compounds and related services.

Today our products include the following:

- Drug-like and lead-like compounds for HTS;
- Carefully designed targeted libraries;
- Core building blocks;
- Custom synthesis projects.

As an advanced synthetic laboratory Life Chemicals employs high skills and research abilities of more than 50 qualified professionals. It also takes advantage of its co-operation with 14 leading Universities, Academic and industrial laboratories of Ukraine.

Life Chemicals operates worldwide and in addition to its main office in Burlington, Canada, it has a European office in Braunschweig, Germany. The production site is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The Company sells its products and services to more than 300 customers, with its sales volume steadily growing.

Keeping pace with market demands, Life Chemicals does offer mutually beneficial terms and very competitive prices, thus making the ratio of product quality and its cost most attractive for our customers.


Building Blocks
Description Life Chemicals presents its proprietary collection of over 4 000 building blocks for in-house discovery projects of our customers. This database includes active intermediates, which are not available from commercial catalogues. These intermediates incorporate the various functional groups. Every building block in the Collection is at least 95% pure, as validated by NMR and LC-MS. Analytical information will be given to the customer upon request.
Compound Libraries
Description Compound Libraries of Life Chemicals include more than 490 000 compounds: - 226 000 compounds from stock with average availability of 75 mg, which can be quickly delivered to any part of the world - 265 000 tangible compounds with 85% suppliability. If you are first to order, you are first to buy - Based on 622 original templates All compounds follow Lipinski’s Rule of Five and Veber criteria and are at least 90% pure substances with structure and purity validated by 400 MHz NMR and/or LCMS
Custom Syntehsis
Description Making best use of its professional expertise and well-tried experience, Life Chemicals is pleased to offer its custom synthesis services, including:

Custom Libraries:
- based on scaffolds of Life Chemicals
- based on scaffolds of the customer

Individual Compounds:
- based on described procedures
- synthesis procedure development

Targeted Libraries
Description Ligand Based Approach:
- Ion Channel Targeted Library (63 000 compounds)
- GPCR Targeted Library (22 000 compounds)
- Protease Targeted Libraries (4 200 compounds)
- Anticancer Targeted Library (23 000 compounds)
- Adenosine receptor agonist/antagonist Focused Libraries (1370 compounds)
- Analsetic Targeted Library (14 000 compounds)
- Antibacterial Targeted Library (3 700 compounds)

Receptor Based Approach:
- Kinase Targeted Library (37 000 compounds)
- Nuclear Receptor Targeted Library (8 000 compounds).

New “Sharp Focusing” Targeted Libraries - Joint Project with Otava
- human Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 Tyrosine Kinase (FGFR1K) focused library
- 3-Phosphoinositide-dependent kinase-1 (PDK-1) focused library
- human Janus kinase 2 (JAK 2) focused library
- cAMP dependent protein kinase (PKA) focused library
- Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) focused library
- Aurora B Kinase receptor-based focused library (2144 compounds)

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