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KRISHGEN BioSystems 135/37 Zaveri Bazar Sonawala Bldg., 2nd Floor
400002 Mumbai India

KRISHGEN BioSystems (KRISHGEN) is an Indian privately-owned Biotech firm established in 2003 distributing and developing products and services for the Indian and international market.

Targeting the research and diagnostics markets, our goal is to enable breakthroughs in biological research, diagnostics, drug discovery and the treatment of disease. Krishgen's tools and technology will facilitate the realization of personalized medicine using genomic and proteomic signatures.

We enjoy a dominant position in the provision of immunoassay kits, supply of primary human cells and cell lines, glycobiology and preclinical toxicology tools..

KRISHGEN takes a highly collaborative approach to business relationships with its customers and partners. We are committed to providing our customers with world-class solutions, service and support. Our track record of delivering innovative new products, by distribution arrangements with leading companies worldwide or the judicious interface with the academia has given us the broadest range of products available. The strength lies in our ability to understand technologies and support the scientists with technical backup and strong logistics.

KRISHGEN meets the needs of its pharmaceutical and clinical customers by providing a range of Research Use Only kits for researchers in drug development and pre-clinical studies, and in offering fully-optimized and validated products for ensuing preclinical and clinical studies.

KRISHGEN’s recently released cytokine ELISA kits are an innovative cost effective tool for disease research, drug discovery & development, and molecular diagnostic test development.

KRISHGEN is funded privately through its owners and private investors. It is a non-listed, non-traded SME, rated by Dun & Bradstreet / SMERA (SME Rating Agency of India). Our DUNS Number is 65-039-6034.

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