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InterBioScreen Ltd.

InterBioScreen Ltd. Institutsky Prospect, 7a
142432 Chemogolovka Russia
InterBioScreen, a reputed supplier of High quality natural and synthetic compounds for screening programs at pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotech companies worldwide, also has an impressive collection of natural and synthetic building blocks for Combinatorial Chemistry.


Building Blocks
Description We have created a unique collection of functionalised building blocks for Natural combinatorial chemistry on the basis of natural alkaloids, terpenoids, flavonoids, peptides, glycosides etc. Interbioscreen is the only company to offer a library of Building Blocks of Natural Compounds. Complete databases for Synthetic and Natural Building Blocks for combinatorial chemistry consist of 2,231 synthetic, 1,258 natural building blocks and 761 virtual building blocks.
Diversity Library
Description InterBioScreen’s library contains over 420,000 synthetic compounds, including 42,000 natural compounds of several classes: genuine natural compounds (GNC), derivatives & analogs (DNC) and rare derivatives (RAR). InterBioScreen has amassed a collection of building blocks and scaffold libraries for custom synthesis.
Natural Products
Description Currently, we have over 42,000 genuine natural compounds (GNC), derivatives & analogs (DNC) and rare derivatives (RAR) and continues to grow on a regular basis. InterBioScreen’s natural product library is composed of natural compounds isolated from various natural sources such as plants, fungi, molds, insects, marine organisms, or produced by total synthesis of natural products and or derivatives of natural products obtained by their chemical modification.

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