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Effective, fully automated, dry-powder and crystalline compound collection, weighing and dispensing system.

*Accurate collection, weighing and dispensing of quantities of compounds as small as 0.2mg, in less than one minute.

*Collects precise amounts of powdered compounds from any type of source container and transfers it into any type of receiving vessel.

*Collector settings for specific compounds can be 'learned' and stored in an optional database that will accelerate future collections of those specific compounds. This database can also be used to track inventory.

*Can be used as a “stand-alone” unit or integrated into a complete compound management system.

*Database driven, eliminating human error; the Nova CCS™ can be expanded and integrated into any network.

*Equipped with a conventional barcode reader, 2-D Barcode capability available.

*Optional: controlled, inert environment.

*Solvating / Non-solvating systems available.


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