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Endeavour Speciality Chemicals

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Unit 12, Low March Industrial Estate
NN11 4SD Daventry, Northamptonshire United Kingdom

Founded in 1991 and located in the heart of England, we are a speciality chemical manufacturer with expertise at laboratory to pilot plant scale. In addition to our production facilities, we have laboratories for R&D, Custom Synthesis and a fully equipped Analytical department to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality.

The Research Chemicals and Intermediates (RCI) Division serves two prime functions:

  1. To offer a range of novel reactive intermediates and building blocks for the synthesis of complex molecules. Our products are available in small packs (1g - 100g) for early stage R&D or larger quantities (100g - 100kg) for projects moving through the development stage.
  2. To offer custom synthesis services, utilising our expertise in a wide range of synthetic chemistry and our core competences in heterocyclic and sulphur chemistry. These services are often undertaken on a confidential and exclusive basis and our respect for customers' Intellectual Property is guaranteed.

The Aroma Division focuses entirely on the Flavour & Fragrance industry. As a manufacturer, we offer our own range of High-Impact Aroma Chemicals through our distributor Treatt PLC and undertake custom synthesis and toll manufacture to meet customers' specific needs. Whether it is the synthesis of a potential new ingredient or outsourcing manufacture of your existing products, we offer a confidential and exclusive service.

When relocating to our current premises in 2002, we made a significant investment in odour containment systems for our Aroma Chemical products. This investment, along with our ability to safely handle odorous, toxic and challenging materials makes Endeavour an ideal outsourcing partner for manufacturing chemicals of this nature.

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