Bioscreening Company Directory


Enamine 23 Alexandra Matrosova Street
01103 Kiev Ukraine
Enamine in-house production is based on the use of the REAL DataBase (6·106 structures), which represents the validated chemistry space of our company. We encourage our customers to make direct acquisitions from REAL DataBase, and so enjoy the novelty and exclusivity of compounds synthesized.

Besides simple production of screening compounds, Enamine has earned a reputation as a leading provider of a number of chemistry services, including synthesis of analogues, custom synthesis, lead-oriented services, and advanced chemistry products such as focused and targeted libraries.

The high percentage of unique compounds in our Screening Collection has been achieved with the use of a large stock of the proprietary Building Blocks (12 000 items). We are committed to offering our customers full access to these Building Blocks, with the hope that you will find them useful in your synthetic projects.

Currently, our team comprises more than 300 people. Over 50 of these hold a doctorate in organic or heterocyclic chemistry.

We are dedicated to supplying only the very highest quality of products. For this reason, our Quality Control department is equipped with two NMR spectrometers (300 and 500 MHz) and two LC/MS instruments, enabling total quality control of our products.

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